Registration of NGO and INGO

We are providing service for the registration of Non-Government organizations (NGOs) and International Non-Government organizations (INGO) in Nepal. We help NGOs and INGO the affiliation with Social Welfare Council (SWC), the Internal revenue Department (IRD), and other concerned authorities. Here are some instrumental legal works that can be deliverable with the expertise of the Prime Law Associates (PLA):
• Draft of document related to the registration of NGO in Nepal.
•Providing the necessary legal service for the registration of NGOs at the District Administration Office and other concerned Government offices in Nepal.
• Affiliation of INGOs in the Social Welfare Council ( SWC) with the required legal documents.
• Registering INGOs in the Internal Revenue Department for getting the PAN Number and coordinating for getting the tax exemption certificate from the concerned authority.
• Making contracts, lease agreements, reviewing human resource Policy, and tax planning of the foreign and domestic consultants.
• Preparing and drafting an Employment contract agreement between the organization and the employee.
• Addressing employee issues including Collective bargaining within the Community Based Organization (CBOs), Donor Agency
• Preparing General Agreement, Project agreement, project proposal, and Financial proposal for the INGO. 
• Rendering services and providing regulatory compliance on Institution registration Act 2034, Institution Registration regulation 2034, and Social welfare Act 2049 in the concerned Governmental Authority of Nepal.
• Advising Donor Agency in the legal perspective of the operation of the INGO in Nepal. 
• Finding and advising tax and labor policies, procedures, instructions, and all related forms to enable the clients to apply for registration, personal licenses, certificates, validations, and approvals necessary for you to conduct your service activities in Nepal.

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