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Published Date: 2018-04-02

A law firm is defined as a business entity that includes a group of one or more lawyers that are engaged in the practice of law. Giving advice to the clients about their legal rights and different responsibilities, and to represent the clients in different criminal cases, business transactions and other many different things are said to be the primary service that is rendered by the law firm. There is different Law Firm in Nepal working on the behalf of the citizens. Prime Law Nepal is one of the best law firms in Nepal that has been owing to the strong responsiveness to clients need an innovative approach to solving legal issues faces by the citizens of the country. We’re also one of the supreme commercial law firms in Nepal solving different legal cases in the field of business and commerce.
Basically, the law firms are organized in different ways. It depends upon the jurisdiction in which the firm of practices. Some of the general law firms include sole proprietorship, professional corporations, general partnership, limited liability Company, professional association, limited liability partnership and others. These entire law firms aim the same to work on the behalf of their clients. Substantially, the law refers to a system of different rules which are created by different government institutions in order to regulate the different behavior of citizens of the country. The state-enforced laws are made with the help of a collective legislature or by a single legislature, resulting in statutes, by the executive through decrees and regulation, or established by the help of judges through different precedents, normally in common jurisdictions. There is a right for the private individuals to create legally binding contracts that include arbitration agreements which may elect to accept alternative arbitration to the normal court process. The process of formation of laws are influenced by a constitution, written, and the rights encoded therein. The laws of the country bring shapes in the politics, economics, history, and society in many different ways and it serves as a mediator of relations between the people.
The process of adjudication of the law is basically divided into two different areas; Criminal law, Civil Law. The criminal law deals with different cases of the society that are considered to be harmful or the social order. This law also deals with the imprisonment of the guilty. The civil law helps to deals with different lawsuits between the individuals or organizations. Law is the main source for scholarly inquiry into different legal history, philosophy, economic analysis, and sociology. Different complex and important issues are also raised by the laws that are considered with the equality, fairness, and justice. There are the different importance of laws in the society. The laws are the guidelines to what is accepted in the society. The absence of law brings conflicts between different social groups and communities. A law brings proper shape in the society. It interacts with many different cases indirectly with different institutions in a manner constituting a direct relationship between law and social change. The process of modernization and social change is directly proportional to the law. Law acts as an indicator of the nature of different societal complexities and its attendant problems of integration.
Prime Law Associates is a cooperate law firm in Nepal and a substantial specialized group of different experienced and qualified lawyers founded by the young and energetic lawyer from different parts of the country. We are the top Law firm in Nepal that has been successfully able to satisfy the clients with the best outcomes. We’re the supreme group of best lawyers with the excellent combination of professional dynamism and passion for the quality legal services.


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