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Prime Law Associates (PLA) is a famous and good reputation in Marriage Registration Lawyer in Kathmandu. A good court Marriage lawyer is the first thing people search for when they are looking to secure a court wedding in Kathmandu. This is because an advocate, well-versed in the legal procedures, ensures a quick and hassle-free marriage. So, if you are looking to find a Marriage Registration Lawyer in Kathmandu, or any other part of Nepal, we provide you with complete assistance and help you secure the registration and marriage certificate in the least possible time. We may have top Marriage Registration Lawyers in Nepal registered with us as associates to support your legal needs. Our professional lawyers take all procedures and terms with a legal document to get a proper marriage registration certificate to pride in being attentive to the needs of our clients on an individual basis and provide service to them at affordable costs. Provision of Marriage Registration in Nepal under the Civil Code Act, 2017 (2074) Section 67 of the Family law of Civil Code Act, 2017 says that Marriage is deemed to be concluded; if a man and a woman accept each other like the husband and wife through any occasion, ceremony, formal or other act, a marriage shall be deemed to have been concluded. Further Section 68 says that Marriage shall be a permanent, inviolable, and holy social and legal bond, which is based on free consent and established to start conjugal and family life between a man and a woman.
A marriage may be concluded between a man and a woman on the Following conditions:

(a) If the man and the woman agree to accept each other as husband and wife,
(b) If the man and the woman are not relatives, punishable by law on incest,
(c) If the matrimonial relationship of both the man and the woman does not exist,
(d) If both have attained twenty years of age.

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