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Prime Law Associates (PLA)  in Nepal has a robust real estate practice driven by a dedicated team of professionals. The Firm dedicates itself to providing comprehensive due diligence and title verification legal services of property stocks on a pan Nepal basis on the touchstone of providing the most accurate and comprehensive evaluation which is critical, expedient, and indispensable for evaluation, investment, and transactions. The Firm has imbibed and nurtured a comprehensive and diligent understanding of multi-State issues and local laws/enactments and renders advice on property due diligence (entailing title verification, encumbrance search, contiguity of lands, land ceiling, permissive land use, construction development, review from the perspective of property) pertaining to ownership and occupancy, leasing, stamping and registration of documents, zoning and permitted usage of the properties, vital aspects regulating construction and development emanating from locational proximity to protected monuments, forest and sanctuaries, coastal regulated zones and issues such as land ceiling, non-transferable lands, lands affected by negative covenants, regulatory and approval issues in the multi-State scenario in Nepal.

The Firm's impeccable and proficient standards in the real estate field transcend the structuring of complex transactions, capital generation mechanisms, joint development agreements, and joint ventures from a 360º perspective. The Firm has extensive experience in advising on FDI and foreign investments, capital generation through IPO or other mechanisms, Private Equity, Venture Capital, listing on stock markets, REITS, etc. The spectrum in which the Firm renders service in this area of practice includes projects such as Information Technology Parks, Integrated Townships, Commercial Complexes/ Centres, Hotels, Resorts, Multiplex Entertainment Centres, Golf Courses, Industrial estates and sheds, Special Economic Zones, Warehousing and Logistics, Agricultural lands and farmhouses, Slum Developments, Rehabilitation Projects, etc. The Firm has also advised clients on various infrastructure projects pertaining to power, ports, toll bridges, and highways.

The Firm is a definitive single-point destination for all legal services pertaining to real estate.

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