We know that you want more than just a lawyer: you need someone who understands your business and the issues you face, someone who can work with you as part of your team. Having in-depth industry knowledge and commercial insight whilst being approachable is something on which we pride ourselves.
We believe that the best lawyers aren’t those who are just technically excellent, but who combine that quality with an understanding of the market in which they work. We have those qualities, together with a willingness to ‘go the extra mile. In our experience, it’s the lawyers who work with you as a partner, speak your language, and have a passion for what they do who stand out. Our values, interests, and passion are much MORE than mere words. We are MORE Than Lawyers. Our commitment is to a much-needed social transformation, in the way our profession is practiced. 

We don’t take your business for granted but focus on adding value and providing good advice about the right legal solution for you – one that takes into account a broad understanding of your business goals and expectations but will also focus on the detail. 

Our large number of highly ranked individuals and a broad range of specialist lawyers means that we will focus on commercial realism and performance to provide you with sound advice and judgment that you can trust.

You can be confident that when you work with us we will be proactive in our approach. We will come to you with ideas because we understand your business and can anticipate your needs. When you come to us for advice we will react quickly, enabling you to take swift and decisive action.

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Advocates & Legal Consultant
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