Real Estate Lawyers in Nepal

Published Date: 2018-05-30

Real estate refers to the property consisting of land and the buildings along with different natural resources including crops, minerals or water. The business of real estate introduces the profession of buying, selling or renting land, buildings or houses. Real estate is a legal term that is used in jurisdictions. Real estate lawyers are known as the professionals who are specialized in the law related matters and apply their legal skills to solve different matter related to property, from everyday transactions to disputes. The real estate lawyers are provided skills and authority to prepare and review documents related to real estate including purchase agreements, mortgage documents, transfer documents and title documents. The real estate attorney also provides guidance for individuals relating to purchase and sale of the real property. There are a different group of real estate lawyers in Nepal.Prime Law Associates is one of the dynamic law firms which is founded by a group of young and energetic lawyers who own their strong responsibilities to the needs of clients and innovative approach to solving different legal issues that are faced by the clients. We have a highly experienced team of top real estate lawyers in Nepal who knows how to handle the complex transaction and dispute resolution that combines expertise from intersecting practice areas.
Our team is well known for advising on the establishment of real estate investment funds, and structuring of joint venture agreements supporting commercial, residential and retail development projects as well. We also adopt the traditional real estate transactions that include sales and lease transfer. We have been regularly representing the real estate developers, investors, and private equity funds. Our real estate lawyers and staffs are well-prepared about closing documents, insurance policies, handle several fund transfers for the purchase and complete different title searches during the course of purchasing the property. We obtain the facts from both sides of the dispute and try to the resolution that works for everyone.
Our responsible staffs focus on the needs and demands of the customers and understand the customer’s objectives and offer then the clarity of advice and innovations that help them to deal with different situations efficiently and effectively. We handle various transactions for several companies within Nepal. As real estate is becoming even more popular nowadays, they are crossing the border and are involved in various sophisticated financing arrangements. Our company advice on various development and planning, projects and construction and complex real estate mergers and acquisitions. Our highly qualifies, experienced and best real estate lawyers in Nepal give best out of best result in different legal issues of the country.


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