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Published Date: 2022-11-29

Lawyer, also known as an attorney refers to a person who practices law as a barrister, advocate, counselor or solicitor. The practice of lawyers includes different exercises and applications of abstract legal theories and knowledge that help to solve specific individualized problems and to advance the interests of people who hire lawyers in order to perform different legal services. The role of a lawyer varies according to the legal jurisdictions. The entity that is formed by one or more lawyers in order to engage in the practice of law refers to the law firm. The law firm offers primary services that help to advise clients (individuals or corporations) about their legal rights and responsibilities. We, Prime Law Associates (PLA) are a high-powered law firm with a group of many young and energetic lawyers from Nepal. We are a successful firm with a good reputation among our clients. We are known as Nepal's best lawyers and law firm with high growth into a large full-service law firm in Nepal. We have an excellent team with the combination of professional dynamism and passion to qualify the legal services to the clients.

Law is one of the most important agents in our society. It serves as a norm of conduct for citizens. It provides proper guidelines and order for different behaviors for all citizens. The absence of law results in chaos in society. Law is the main guideline that is accepted in society by everyone. It allows for easy adoption of different changes that have been occurring in society. Law firm with different lawyers acts as a medium that helps to settle down many conflicts among individuals. It plays an important role in the behalf of society changes. It gives the right shaping and results in a positive impact on society. Lawyers are the agents that help in the process of modernization and social change. Law basically acts as a catalyst that helps in the process of social transformation of people that eradicates different negative practices from society including inequalities.
Prime Law Associate is one of the successful law firms with a large group of highly experienced lawyers who strive for excellence in providing various legal services. Our firm is the leading law firm in Nepal with the capability of providing innovative solutions to clients. We have high experience in working with many different multinational clients and international law firms. This makes us the top agency with Nepal's best lawyers and law firms in Kathmandu.


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