Criminal law firm in Nepal

Published Date: 2018-04-19

The criminal law of a country refers to the body of law that interconnects to a crime. It embargos conduct perceived such as threatening, harmful and other task endangering to property, safety, health and different moral welfare of people. Most of the criminal law are established by statute i.e. laws are passed by legislature body of the nation. The criminal law includes punishment of the people who try to violate the law. The criminal law varies according to the jurisdiction of the nation and it differs from civil law. Criminal law authenticates the fact of the commission of a crime and also authorizes disciplinary treatment of the offender. There are different individuals in the nation who are charged with different criminal activities. Many of them are also charged with fake crimes. In this case, there is a need for a criminal defense lawyer who can help him/her to defend against the charged criminal activities. Prime Law Nepal is a top criminal law firm in Nepal that has been providing well-experienced lawyers who can defend against the criminal activities. Our company is a dynamic law firm which is founded by a group of young and energetic lawyers who have been owning the strong responsiveness to their clients need and trying their best to approach in order to solve legal issues faced by the citizen of Nepal.
We’re the best criminal law firm in Kathmandu, Nepal. Our lawyers have been providing their best services and giving best advise to the clients about their legal rights and responsibilities. Lawyers are the main bodies who act as a medium between two different opponents and study the cases which help to determine guilt and save the innocent. They are the person who is well-known about law and practices as an advocate, attorney, counselor, barrister, and solicitor. We’ve criminal defense lawyers that are typically defending people with different misdemeanor charges. The criminal justice system of Nepal is based on the ideals visualized by the constitution of the country. The criminal justice agencies, police and office of attorney general are said to be the most important actors that bring cases for prosecution. Lawyers are said to be the best means who researches about the whole cases and present the evidence that helps to determine the criminal.
Our criminal law firm has been successfully providing its best services to the sufferers to gain their legal rights. We’ve got top lawyers who have the ability to work in conjunction with the clients as reliable advisors. Our different legal frameworks have helped us to expand ourselves in our field and bet the best criminal law firm in Nepal. We’re proud of our quality services in our field with the capability of providing best aftermath to the citizens of our country.


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