Taxation lawyer in Nepal

Published Date: 2022-11-29

Tax is said to be the mandatory financial charge or the other type of levy imposed on a taxpayer by the governmental institution and organization that aims to fund various public expenditures. The evasion of taxation is punishable by law. There are different direct or indirect taxes included by the tax. Many countries have a tax system in place in order to pay for public, common, agreed national needs and government functions. In the modern days, governments levy different types of taxes in money. The method of taxation and government expenditure of taxes are raised high and they are debated in politics and economics. In Nepal, there are different taxes in which businesses are subject to. They are income tax, value-added tax, withhold tax, and customs duty. The taxes are applied in many different conditions according to the law of the countries. However, the tax is said to be a very conflicted area of law, different problems may arise within the country regarding the problems of tax. When the tax issues arise, the public substantially turns to tax attorneys help to resolve the problems. Tax attorney or tax lawyers possess great strong knowledge of tax laws and different issues including income, property, gift and federal tax. Prime Law Nepal is one of the top-ranking agencies located in Kathmandu, Nepal that has been providing different services of taxation Lawyer in Nepal. We’ve well-experienced and qualified lawyers who have been serving their best service to the citizens of Nepal.

A tax lawyer is said to be a lawyer who handles different legal matters that are related to taxes and taxation. He/ She render advice on different matters including income tax, tax credits, tax deductions, state and local taxes, capital gains taxes and the tax implications of corporate transactions that include banking deals, capital transactions and many more. We’ve got a group of top taxation lawyers in Nepal along with different young and energetic personals who own their strong responsiveness to clients need and innovative approach that solves the legal issues faced by the clients. Our taxation lawyers stay up-to-date with Internal Revenue Service rules and regulations, and tax laws that help them to counsel clients on different changes that affect their accounts. We keep accurate records and develop plans in order to solve financial issues that affect the clients. Our company has been providing different large full-service law firm in Nepal. We have an excellent combination of professional dynamism and passion for quality legal service in Nepal. Contact us to hire the best taxation lawyer in Nepal.


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