Company registration in Nepal

Published Date: 2023-01-30

Company Registration Services in Nepal/ Business Registration Lawyer in Nepal/Company Registration in Nepal/Corporate Lawyers in Nepal
A company can be understood as any person or organization that has a desire to do a business and has established a "private limited" or "public limited" in accordance with the Companies Act, 2063 and has a perpetual succession which is an autonomous and organized organization. The company can acquire the moveable and immoveable property, sell or can do any kind of business like a natural person, and can or can be sued in the name of the company.
According to the Companies Act, 2063, three types of companies can be registered/incorporated in Nepal
  1. Private Company
Under the Companies Act, 2063 those companies whose shareholders shall not exceed more than 101 for incorporation and should write "private limited" to its name as the last word is known as a private company.  The paid-up capital of the private company is minimum NRs. 1,00,000
  1. Public Company
Under the Companies Act, 2063 those company that needs a minimum of 7 promoters for incorporation and a maximum woul be of any number is known as public company. Public Company should write "limited: to its name as the last words. The paid-up capital of the public company is minimum NRs. 1,00,00,000.
  1. Profit not distributing company
Profit not distributing company are those company where it shall not entitle to distribute or pay to its members any dividends or any money out of the profit earned or savings made fo the attainment of any objectives. There should be minimum 5 promoters for the incorporation of company not distributing profit.
Process and Procedure for registration of Company in Nepal;
Step 1:  Reservation of company name at the office of the Company Registar (OCR)
Step 2 :  Submission of the physical copy of documents at OCR
Step 3 : Examination of submitted documents by OCR
Step 4 :  Issuance of Incorporation Certificate by OCR
Documents required for registration of Company in Nepal;
  1. Application for registration
  2. Memorandum of association and articles of association of the proposed company
  3. Citizenship certificate
  4. Shareholder’s agreement ( if any)
In general, the following are the main and most significant company law services provided to Nepalese and foreign clients by our law firm for doing business in entire Nepal;
  1. Registration/Incorporation of Private/Public and Profit not distributing company in Nepal
  2.  Conversation of Company,.i.e  Private Limited Company to Public Limited Company
  3. Any types of business registration in Nepal
  4. Annual Compliance Filing at Office of the Company Registrar
  5. ISO Certification
  6. Company related any sorts of legal services. i.e. sell and purchase shares of the Company.


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