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Published Date: 2022-11-10

Basically, an attorney refers to the lawyer who practices law as an advocate, attorney at law, counselor or solicitor. Working as an attorney involves the practical application of various abstract legal theories and knowledge that helps to solve specific individualized problems. Having or hiring an attorney helps to solve various legal as well as individual issues. You can choose an attorney if you believe that our criminal justice system is grounded on the principle that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and everyone is innocent until proven guilty. The Attorney also helps to defend against various financial and emotional issues arising in the business and company. You will feel good and have various intellectual changes if you choose a nice attorney for your business. This makes the right work environment for you to do your business.

Prime Law Associates is one of the leading corporate and commercial law firms in Nepal that has been establishing itself as a major solution provider on various national and international scales in passably short periods of time. We are the supreme and best attorney law firm in Nepal that has exponentially expanded its various areas of practice and is one of the largest and most trusted law firms in the Nepalese market among different domestic and international clients. We have grown our large full-service firm in Nepal with an excellent combination of different professional dynamism and passion that qualifies legal service to our clients.

Prime Law Associates has been understanding and fulfilling various needs and demands of its clients. Our group of younger and energetic lawyers owns their strong responsibilities towards their clients and has an innovative approaches that solves legal issues faced by the clients. We provide hardheaded and different result-oriented service to our clients at a considerable price. Our successful service attorney law firm in Nepal is well-known for its expertise in legal transactional work as well as in complex legal issues. We do not endeavor to be the greatest law firm in Nepal that is measured by the number of lawyers. We are a law firm that is principally betrothed in various international practices. We have set the standard for excellence in legal services in Nepal. We are involved in some of the most high-profile and ground breathtaking issues in Nepal. We have a large and excellent array of collective expertise in handling sophisticated issues. We offer the professional practice of service to various companies and institutions and individual clients as well. We aim to provide comprehensive legal services to commercial, business, and individual entities in Nepal. We are pride of our capability as the best attorney law firm in Nepal.


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Advocates & Legal Consultant
Postal Code : 44600
Mobile : +977-9851059026

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