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Published Date: 2023-01-03

Aviation law refers to the legal issues and laws that scrutinize flights, air travel, and business concerns. It covers the issues that affect aircraft, and airports along with navigation and maintenance, pilot licensing requirements, and air traffic control. This law mostly operates at a federal level with different aviation regulations and standards that are enforced by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The international flights that take place from the airport are governed by international law and various laws of individual countries that the light passes through different states. These states have a little authorization phase that passes the laws related to aviation. States pass several laws that do not hinder federal laws and pass zoning laws as well that dictate the hours of operation. Different issues may arise regarding aviation law within the country. When facing an aviation legal issue, hiring an experienced aviation lawyer is the best option for the solution to the problem. Aviation lawyers are the best solution to fix these issues. The aviation industries are heavily regulated, and many pilots, shipping companies, and corporations that use their air transportation on a regular basis may have trouble navigating different rules and laws that are passed and imposed by federal agencies.

This is the reason many business agencies and individuals hire aviation attorneys before legal problems arise. Prime Law Nepal, the supreme aviation law firm and lawyer in Nepal is the top-ranking agency that helps to solve different legal issues that are related to aviation law issues. We are a group of lawyers who strive for excellence in the course of providing legal services. As a specialized aviation and business law firm, we aim to offer the highest international standards and extensive local expertise.

Prime Law Nepal is one of the widely recognized leading aviation law firms in Nepal that is capable of providing innovative solutions. Our lawyers are extensively experienced in working with different multinational clients and international law firms of all key jurisdictions. Our aviation lawyers have also licensed pilots and some formerly worked as commercial pilots for large airlines. Working with a hands-on experienced lawyer can prevent different misconceptions between you and your lawyer about aviation practices and regulations. Our well-organized team of aviation lawyers in Nepal gives the best output regarding your different business legal issues. Contact us immediately if you’re facing aviation legal issues that can help to explore your legal options.


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