Hydropower law firm in Nepal

Published Date: 2018-06-10

Basically, hydropower refers to the energy of falling water that may be harnessed for various useful purposes. Hydropower from many different kinds of watermills has been used as a source of renewable energy source for various purposes including irrigation and operation of several mechanical devices such as gristmills, textile mills, sawmills, trip hammers and others. There are many laws and policies made under the hydropower producing organization. These legal laws help the organization to follow the rules and regulation in a systematic way. The government of Nepal has formulated hydropower development policy and also promulgated electricity act and water resources act. It is necessary to make an alternative arrangement that helps to meet the interim demand of the country. Hydropower law is one of the most important parts of the legal law in Nepal. As the second richest country in water resources, water is said to be the most important natural resource for the economic development of Nepal. The availability of various water resources and the geophysical features provide various ample opportunities for the process of hydropower production in Nepal. The opportune hydropower policy is foreseen as a prerequisite for the supply of hydropower energy at a reasonable price by the hydropower project. This has become the most important in the context that the hydropower rules and policy should clearly reflect the direction on different vital issues including development of multipurpose plans for maximum utilization for the availability of water resources. Establishment of new small hydroelectric projects helps to meet the demand of the people living in the hilly and remote Himalayan regions where the national electricity system has not been extended or would not be extended in the near future. Many conflict and legal issues may arise in the course of constructing the hydro project within the organization. The hydropower law firm that has best lawyers can help to solve the legal issues regarding hydropower projects and conflicts in Nepal. There is various hydropower law firm in Nepal that has been contributing to eradicate various issues regarding hydropower in Nepal.
Prime Law Nepal is dynamic hydropower law firm in Nepal that is founded by a group of highly experienced lawyers who owns their strong responsiveness to the needs and demands of the customers to solve various legal issues faced by the clients. Our main aim is to provide various pragmatic and result-oriented services to our clients at a competitive rate. Our extensive specialized group of a lawyer gives the best ideas regarding different issues. We form a legal team that helps to handle various complex transaction and dispute resolution to combine different expertise from the interesting practice areas.


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