Attorney law firm in Nepal

Basically, attorney refers to the lawyer who practices law as an advocate, attorney at law, counselor or solicitor. Working as an attorney involves the practical application of various abstract legal theories and knowledge that helps to solve specific individualized problems. Having or hiring an attorney helps to solve various legal as well as individual issues. You can choose an attorney if you believe that our criminal justice system is grounded on the principle that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and everyone is innocent until proven guilty. The Attorney also helps to defense against various financial and emotional issues arising...

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Hydropower law firm in Nepal

Basically, hydropower refers to the energy of falling water that may be harnessed for various useful purposes. Hydropower from many different kinds of watermills has been used as a source of renewable energy source for various purposes including irrigation and operation of several mechanical devices such as gristmills, textile mills, sawmills, trip hammers and others. There are many laws and policies made under the hydropower producing organization. These legal laws help the organization to follow the rules and regulation in a systematic way. The government of Nepal has formulated hydropower development policy and also promulgated electricity act and water resources...

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Aviation Law firm and Lawyer Nepal

Aviation law refers to the legal issues and laws that scrutinize with flights, air travel, and business concerns. It covers the issues that affects aircraft, airport along with navigation and maintenance, pilot licensing requirements and air traffic control. This law mostly operates at a federal level with different aviation regulations and standards that are enforced by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The international flights that takes place from the airport are governed by international law and various laws of individual countries that the light passes through different states. These states have a little authorization phase that passes the laws related...

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Real Estate Lawyers in Nepal

Real estate refers to the property consisting of land and the buildings along with different natural resources including crops, minerals or water. The business of real estate introduces the profession of buying, selling or renting land, buildings or houses. Real estate is a legal term that is used in jurisdictions. Real estate lawyers are known as the professionals who are specialized in the law related matters and apply their legal skills to solve different matter related to property, from everyday transactions to disputes. The real estate lawyers are provided skills and authority to prepare and review documents related to real...

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Banking and Finance lawyer in Nepal

Both the state and federal law are regulated in the banking and financial industries. These laws impose different requirements for the banks and other different financial institutions. Banking and Finance law plays a vital role in mergers and acquisitions of various corporations, investments and stock purchases by both individual and companies. This law is highly in demand area of law with several financial sectors that are relying worldwide on different legal terms in order to keep them in well ordered. Prime Law Associate (PLA) consists of highly experienced and qualified banking and finance lawyer in Nepal who are highly educated...

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Nepal best lawyers and law firm

Lawyer, also known as attorney refer to a person who practices law as a barrister, advocate, counselor or solicitor. The practice of lawyer includes different exercises and application of abstract legal theories and knowledge that help to solve specific individualized problems and to advance the interests of people who hire lawyers in order to perform different legal services. The role of a lawyer varies according to the legal jurisdictions. The entity that is formed by one or more lawyers in order to engage in the practice of law refers to law firm. The law firm offers primary services that helps...

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Corporate lawyers in Kathmandu

The corporate law introduces to the laws related to business and company that applies to the rights, relations, and conducts of a person, business, companies, and organization. This law controls and synchronizes how investors, shareholders, corporations, employees, directors, creditors, and stakeholders like customers, environment, and community interact with one another. Corporate law is considered as the branch of civil law which deals with issues of both public law and private law. A corporate lawyer helps to ensure the legitimacy of different commercial transactions, legal rights and duties, and duties and responsibilities of corporate officers. They have strong knowledge of accounting,...

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Criminal law firm in Nepal

The criminal law of a country refers to the body of law that interconnects to a crime. It embargos conduct perceived such as threatening, harmful and other task endangering to property, safety, health and different moral welfare of people. Most of the criminal law are established by statute i.e. laws are passed by legislature body of the nation. The criminal law includes punishment of the people who try to violate the law. The criminal law varies according to the jurisdiction of the nation and it differs from civil law. Criminal law authenticates the fact of the commission of a crime...

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Taxation lawyer in Nepal

Tax is said to be the mandatory financial charge or the other type of levy imposed on a taxpayer by the governmental institution and organization that aims to fund various public expenditure. The evasion of taxation is punishable by law. There are different direct or indirect taxes included by the tax. Many countries have a tax system in place in order to pay for public, common, agreed national needs and government functions. In the modern days, governments levy different types of taxes in money. The method of taxation and government expenditure of taxes are raised high and they are debated...

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Law Firm in Nepal

A law firm is defined as a business entity that includes a group of one or more lawyers that are engaged in the practice of law. Giving advice to the clients about their legal rights and different responsibilities, and to represent the clients in different criminal cases, business transactions and other many different things are said to be the primary service that is rendered by the law firm. There is different Law Firm in Nepal working on the behalf of the citizens. Prime Law Nepal is one of the best law firms in Nepal that has been owing to the...

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Lawyers from Nepal

Law broaches a system which includes different rules which are created by the governmental institutions of the country in order to regulate behaviors of its citizens. It regulates a community adhere to the will of the state. The law varies from one country to another within the world. Law plays a vital in regard to the social change by giving different shapes and direct impact on the society. The law of setting educational system can be the best example for this. Law helps in interacting with different cases rising in the society. It is said to an indicator of the...

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Divorce Lawyer in Nepal

Divorce introduces the dissolution of marriage and matrimony bonds between married couple under rule of law of the particular country or state. The divorce law varies considerably around the world. In most of the countries, the process of divorce requires the sanction of court and different authority in a legal process that involves different issues of alimony, child custody, parenting time, distribution of property, child support, child visitation, and division of debt. In many countries divorce allows one partner to marry another person. The process of divorce requires a lawyer that can help husband or wife to have divorce in...

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